Puppy Formula

  • The correct balance of fat, protein, and other essential nutrients ensures your puppy receives the proper nutrients to grow strong and healthy. And, this formula meets the increased nutritional demands of pregnant or nursing adult dogs, too.

    Protein: 31% Fat: 20%
    Calories: 3,973 kcal/kg (438 kcal/cup) Calculated ME
    *Available in 8 lb, 20 lb and 40 lb bags.


Adult Dog Maintenance Formula

  • Diamond® Maintenance Adult Dog Formula is designed for moderately active adult dogs and fed during most of a dog's life. This is a complete and balanced diet with added benefits to promote good health and long life.

    Protein: 22% Fat: 12%
    Calories: 3,530 kcal/kg (330 kcal/cup) Calculated ME
    *Available 40 lb bags


 Adult Dog High Energy

  • Meat-based formula specifically designed for highly active, energy-expending sporting and hardworking dogs. Proper levels of protein, fiber and sodium, combined with increased levels of vitamins and trace minerals, deliver metabolizable energy.

    Protein: 24% Fat: 20%
    Calories: 3,820 kcal/kg (400 kcal/cup) Calculated ME
    *Available in 50 lb bags.


 Premium Adult Dog

  • Specially designed to give active, athletic dogs the nutritional support they need to stay in peak physical condition. Precision Formulated with a balance of high-quality protein and fat to promote healthy muscle tissue and maintain stamina.

    Protein: 26% Fat: 18%
    Calories: 4,310 kcal/kg (435 kcal/cup) Calculated ME
    *Available in 40lb bags.