Adult Dog Formula Large Chunk


    * Beet Pulp- Extremely digestible source of dietary fiber.
    * 5 Grain Blend of Carbohydrates- Corn, Rice, Grain Sorghum, Wheat and Barley eliminate digestive allergies from a single carbohydrate source.
    * Flax Seed-
    Nature's richest source of Omega 3. Nutritional experts have found that a diet rich in Omega 3 & natural antioxidants significantly improves the health and appearance of animals.
    * Mixed Tocopherols, Citric Acid & Rosemary
    Extract- Natural antioxidants enhance freshness and palatability.
    * Chicken
    Meal- Highly digestible animal protein and source of Omega 6 fatty acids.
    * Yeast Culture- Enhances nutrient digestion and improves performance ability.

*Available in 20lb bag