Potts Feed Store Game Cameras 
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Moultrie Gamespy i45 Game Management System

  • Can you imagine being able to view pictures your game camera takes without having to physically go out there to change memory cards? The new Moultrie Game Spy Game Management System allows you to do just that from the comfort of your home, office . . anywhere with internet access. When you need to know what's going on around your game camera, you can check on your hunting land by simply logging on to a web site. Dramatically cut down on the trips you have to take, the gas you have to buy and the scent you leave behind with the Moultrie Game Spy Game Management System. The game management system consists of three components: the game camera, the cellular modem and the web site.

    Innovative Game Cameras

    Moultrie's new line of game cameras is designed to be compatible with the Game Management System. Each camera features the latest in scouting technology. The Game Spy I-45 and I-65 models feature virtually invisible infrared technology, and the Game Spy M-45 and M-65 white-flash cameras capture color nighttime video. All come ready to connect to the wireless cellular modem, part of the Game Spy Game Management System.

    Wireless GPS Modem

    Once you plug the modem into your game camera, the AT&T cellular network gives you the ability to wirelessly transmit images from your new game camera to your private-access web site. The GPS modem connection also allows you to change your game camera settings or check the battery status, even from your internet-capable cell phone or PDA.

Moultrie GPSGamespy Connect

  • The Game Spy Modem is used in conjunction with the Moultrie I45, I65 and I35 to send the pictures to your computer. Moultrie's new GPS Game Spy Connect modem plugs directly into compatible Game Spy cameras, giving you the ability to access your camera whenever and wherever you please. 
  • Through AT&T's cellular network, you can wirelessly transmit images, check battery status or even change your camera setting - all from your computer, PDA or cell phone. 

Moultrie Gamespy D50 Game Camera

  • The D50 is an ideal unit for hunters new to trailcamera technology and patterning deer. This simple, easytouse camera takes sharp 5.0megapixel images with a quick response time. The 45ft. flash range covers plenty of area. Imprints time, date and camera ID on every image or video for future reference. Takes color day and nighttime images and captures 10second clips during daylight hours. Three picture resolutions and two video resolutions for viewing options. SD memory card slot accommodates up to 16GB card (SD cards sold separately). It also has 16MB of internal memory. External power port for optional Power Panel (sold separately). Includes weatherresistant casing, TVout cable and adjustable treemount system included. Operates on six D batteries (not included). Sports and Outdoors


Moultrie Plot Stalker Time Lapse HD Veideo Camera

  • View 12 hours of activity in just 10 minutes. Thanks to the technology of the Moultrie Plot Stalker and time-lapse photography, you can see a full day of activity condensed to a 10-minute video clip. Now you can see what happens on your green field or favorite hunting spot even when you're not there.   Takes up to 3,600 images in one day  Plot Stalker software stitches images into a high-definition video, making it easy to view a full day of activity in minutes  Panoramic, long range view for maximum field coverage 8.0 Megapixels High-Definition video playback Upload and share with YouTube, Facebook, Flickr Simple setup - no tools, no wires 4 photo resolutions Time and date stamp on every photo Picture delay options from 10 seconds to 1 day Up to 4 daily on/off cycles LCD display shows Plot Stalker program, images taken, memory and battery capacity Easy menu navigation buttons Rugged, weather-resistant case withstands the elements Operates on 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included) External power port for optional Moultrie Power Panel Includes mounting strap, USB cable and Software CD Requires PC with Windows XP/ Vista / 7 Playback speed up to 8X - watch an entire day of video in minutes Motion Track Advance feature provides ability to skip to the next picture with activity Rewind, pause and play as well as zoom in and out for maximum scouting experience

Moultrie L50 Game Camera

  • Packed with all the necessary features to meticulously scout game activity. The 5.0-megapixel trail camera has three photo resolutions and two video resolutions to choose from. Choose from three picture delay settings, including 15 second, 30 second and one to 60 minutes. Take multishot pictures that record up to two consecutive shots. The flash extends up to 50 ft. for clear image depiction. Every image is stamped with the temperature, time and date on an easy-to-read photo strip for impeccable record keeping. SD memory-card slot holds up to a 16GB card (sold separately). Easy-to-read LCD screen. Powered by six C batteries (not included) with a 90-day average battery life.


Moultrie D55IRxt Game Camera

  • Smaller and easier to handle than most game cameras, the Moultrie Game Spy D-55IRXT 5.0 Megapixel Digital Game Camera features FastFire continuous shooting mode and Plot Stalker time lapse. It takes photos/video: full-color daytime, IR at night (up to 5.0 MP) and includes IR aim/game sensor and 50' flash.

Wildgame Innovations Micro 6 Red Game Camera

  • At just 5.875" x 3.375" x 2.5", this mini cam offers a smaller profile that's harder to spot, wherever you mount it. All your favorite features are still here, including color day video and infrared night video, plus color day still images at 6.0 MP resolution. Features a 30-piece high-intensity infrared flash, PIR sensor range to 45', LCD programming screen, rapid trigger speed, an external battery port, and onboard batteries that retain time and date settings. Includes USB cable and bungee cords for mounting.


Wildgame Innovations IR4 Game Camera

  • This 4.0 megapixel game camera shoots still pictures, as well as 30 second video clips.  It is another low cost infared digital game camera that has hit the market, and with the number of high priced game cameras on the market today, it is nice to see new low cost offerings.
    The trigger speed on this camera was timed at around 2.5 - 2.8 seconds. Not bad for a $100 camera.  While it might not be the best camera for a trail with passing deer, it would do just fine on a food plot, feeder, or corn pile.  For use on trails, it is recommended that the IR4 be placed facing down the trail, instead of facing across it.  This will give the PIR time to acquire the deer and fire the pictures or video.
  • The battery life is decent from the 4 C-cell batteries. This compact camera has 19 infared emitters that reach out to around 30 feet.  The handy mounting eyes make it easy to attach this camera to a tree with the included bungee cords.  It also has a lock hole for added security.
    It has 16 MB of onboard memory, but will accept standard SDRAM memory cards for expansion.  The setup and configuration is pretty easy, using the onboard LCD.

Wildgame Innovations WIFI Module for Game Camera

  • The Wildgame Innovations WiFi Module for Fieldnet WiFi Technology Capable Digital Cameras makes your Fieldnet WiFi technology capable camera WiFi-accessible. Fieldnet technology enables you to access the camera from up to 300' (91 m) away from various WiFi-enabled devices such as an iPhone, an Android platform cell phone, or a laptop (PC or MAC).
  • You can easily view, edit, delete, and download all the images from your camera. The WiFi module eliminates the need of pulling and swapping SD cards from your camera, thus reducing interruptions caused in the hunting area. It comes with a mounting hardware and a remote activator for accessing the WiFi potential of any Fieldnet-WiFi-capable camera.