And The 2014 Winners Are.....



4th Place - with 50 votes - #15 Levi Laningham "Full Moon Tonight"

5th Place - with 37 votes - #5 Charlie Lovell "Bobbing For Corn"




Voting Has Ended




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2014 Photo Entry Rules 

You must submit your picture by December 31st, 2014. You can submit up to 3 photos.

You can add a title or description to your photo if you like (see examples below). A title or description will probably get you more votes!The game camera picture contest is FREE and is open to all residents of Texas. There is no "theme" for this contest, meaning your pictures may be cute, big deer, surprising, funny, big hogs, etc.Pictures will be posted on this website as we receive them. A polling section will be open on this website from Jan 2nd - Jan15th. Voting will also occur in store at this time. Voting rules are simple: vote for your favorite picture. You may only vote once. However, sharing our page to "hype up" your picture is encouraged!Top three will be notified and MUST be present at our Horn Hoarders Banquet on Sat. Jan. 31st to be eligible for prizes. We will pay for your BBQ meal at the banquetThe pictures MUST be YOUR game camera pictures. Please don't send us any that we've seen all over the internet; they WILL be disqualified.Prizes will be: 1st -  Moultrie Panoramic 150 game camera.   2nd - Moultrie A-8 Game Camera.    3rd - 12V Feeder BatteryWhen you submit a picture, you agree to have your name and picture on our website and announced at the Horn Hoarders awards banquet. 

Photo entries may be sent to OR submitted in store, along with your name, county, phone number, date the picture was taken, and a title or description if you want to add one.    

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Chad Lennon   #1

"I'm your buckaroo, I want to be like you"

Nathan Robinson

Hopkins County



Sue Crim

Ryan, Ok


"Whatcha DOE'N? This is my Food Plot!"

Nathan Robinson

Hopkins County


 Bobbing For Corn

Charlie Lovell

Rains County


Shawn Crook

Quail, Tx


Shawn Crook

Quail, Tx


Shawn Crook

Quail, Tx


Just enjoying the fireworks show

 Austin Mathison

Wood County

  Jason Tidwell   #10
Jason Tidwell #11

Brenda Stroud

Denton County


Piggy Back Ride 

Jerry Hukill

Marion County


"Don't mind me, I'm just taking a selfie!"

Megan Smith

Runnels County


"Full Moon Tonight"

Levi Laningham

Rains County


"I got your back, Brother!"

Nathan Robinson

Hopkins County


Winter Wonderland

Cody Beaver


"Date night on the farm"

Going in for the kiss

Cody Beaver