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Feral hogs are an quick spreading invasive species (non-native to America) that do an extreme amount of damage to agricultural land and spread disease to other animals and humans.

  • Texas hog population estimated at 2 million. National population appx 4 million
  • Estimated annual agricultural damage from feral hogs: $52 million per year!
  • Texas counties with feral hogs: 225 out of 254
  • Diseases carried by feral hogs:
    • Hogs can carry and spread a number of deadly diseases, including Brucellosis,
      Pseudorabies, Anthrax, Foot and Mouth disease.  Hog diseases that could have severe
      repercussions for agribusiness include swine brucellosis, pseudorabies,
      leptospirosis, tuberculosis, tularemia, trichinosis, plague, anthrax, hog
      cholera and swine vesicular disease.
    • Feral hogs are susceptible to a variety of infectious and parasitic diseases.  The
      more hog populations increase and expand, the greater the chances that they may
      transmit diseases to other wildlife, to livestock and to humans.
  • Reproduction of Feral Hogs:
    • Gestation is around 115 days with an average litter size of four to six, but under good conditions may have ten to twelve young
    • A sow reaches breeding age at 7 to 8 months old. They can be
      responsible for 1,000 plus feral hogs in a 5 year period!

Additional Hog Destruction Info