Horn Hoarders

East Texas Big Buck Contest


Contest Rules and Regulations:

·         Only deer & pigs harvested in Rains, Wood, Hunt, Hopkins, Franklin, Camp, Upshur, Smith, or Van Zandt counties may be submitted.

·         You must have a paid entry filed before harvesting any pig or deer you wish to enter in this contest.

·         There will be three main divisions: Rifle ($50), Archery ($50), and Youth ($25, under 16 years of age at time of sign up). One hunter may enter both rifle and archery divisions for $75. There will be an OPTIONAL Big Doe and Big Pig category for $15 ($15 for both, not each). Your entry fee includes a Horn Hoarders t-shirt and one free dinner at our post-season awards banquet (see www.pottsfeedstore.com for more information).

·         Archery contestants sign up by Sept. 27. Archery contest dates Sept. 27 - Jan. 4   

·         Rifle contestants sign up by Nov. 1. Rifle contest dates Nov. 1 – Jan. 4

·         Combo contestants sign up by Sept. 27. Combo contest dates Sept. 27 – Jan 4

·         Youth contestants sign up by Sept. 27 for archery season or Oct. 25 for rifle season. (All youth entries will be combined into one category). In order for a youth to submit an entry from Sept. 27 – Oct 24 (archery season), they must have been signed up by the Sept. 27 deadline. Any youth may enter into the Archery or Rifle categories (at the $50 price) if they prefer over the Youth category.

·         “Big Doe” and “Big Pig” contestants must sign up by Nov 27. Must have a paid entry filed before harvesting.

·         Doe will be weighed field dressed and hogs will be weighed NON-field dressed. Hogs may be taken by any method but must be dead upon weigh-in. You may replace your pig entry ONE time with a larger pig. RIPE entries will not be weighed!  

·         Each hunter must bring in their own deer or pig for measurement. Filled out tags (or photos of the tag) may be required to prove County of origin of the deer. All TPWD laws must be followed when harvesting deer.

·         Scoring will take place Monday-Saturday from 8 AM – 5 PM by an employee of Potts Feed Store (12 PM deadline on Saturdays in Quitman). No scoring will occur on holidays or Sundays.

·         Only low fence deer will be accepted. This excludes high fence deer or deer taken from a low fence game ranch which artificially breeds deer for the purpose of selling hunts.

·         Deer and pigs will be accepted from Sept. 26 -  Jan. 7. Youth contestants may submit deer up to Jan. 21.

·         Any registered contestant caught cheating in the contest will automatically be disqualified, relinquish any prizes they may have won, forfeit their entry fees, and be disqualified from future big buck contests put on by Potts Feed Store.

·         Potts Feed Store reserves the right to disqualify anyone on suspicions of cheating or suspected illegal harvesting of deer.

·         We will not accept a mounted deer or skull unless there is undeniable proof that the animal was harvested in the 2014-2015 season.

·         Participants agree to have their picture and name used on (but not limited to): radio, Facebook, in store displays, website use.

·         All scoring and decisions made by a Potts Feed Store employee are final.

·         Any contestant that wins a firearm in the contest must be able to pass a background check.

·         Potts Feed Store Big Buck Scoring System

Number of points (1 inch or longer)


Spread, inside of main beams (to nearest 1/8th inch)


Longest four tines from middle of main beam (to nearest 1/8th inch)


Circumference of right antler at base (to nearest 1/8th inch)


TIE-BREAKER: Most Points                                                        Total Score



There will be an awards banquet quickly following the end of deer season. We will post the details, location and date on www.PottsFeedStore.com at a later date.