Potts Feed Store Hunting/Feeder Accessories

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Wildgame Innovations Digital Controller

  • Wildgame Innovations trophy hunter wildlife feeder digital controller- 6V or 12V battery operation- Extremely large, easy to view, liquid crystal display - 1.125in tall by 2.5in wide- Six available daily feed times each programmable from 1 to 30 seconds per feeding- Adjustable lo/med/hi motor speed control - can be effectively used with various 6V or 12V motor types- Exclusive battery charge level icon provides real-time battery charge status - Exclusive timer jam and short protection and respective error messages - Includes in-line fuse protection to help guard against power supply overloads- Circuit board is fully enclosed in a weather resistant housing with a protective gasket- Large, silicone rubber buttons are weather resistant and easy to use- Large test button - allows users 10 seconds to clear out of the disbursement area - Stand-alone reset button returns the unit to its factory installed default settings- Battery not included .


EverLast Redneck Timer

  • The Redneck Timer Controller is very user-friendly and it's unique capabilities set it apart from other systems on the market today. The controller features:
  • 6 or 12 volt auto sensing Quick Test Button 
  • 24 Timer Settings per Day  Quick Disconnects Easy to use menu 
  • Sealed Water-Resistant Housing 
  • 5 year Factory Warranty
  • Ease of operation and reliability in the field is what you can expect from the ReneckTimer

Wildgame innovations 12V Solar Panel

  • Stainless-steel flex conduit shields all external wiring
  • Piggy-back style terminals for quick and easy connection to rechargeable type batteries
  • Two-piece aluminum bushing securely connects the panel to feeder or power control unit
  •  Built-in by-passed blocking diode minimizes power drop caused
    by a shade
  • Clear polycarbonate cover protects solar cells from damage in
    the field - not glass
  • Sturdy aluminum mounting bracket tilted to a 45-degree angle for correct orientation

Wildgame Innovations 6V Solar Panel

  • Smart feeding, effortless and on time! PRICED LOW! Wildgame Innovations Solar Panels Forget replacing batteries! Set and forget with one of these Solar Panels. Includes: Aluminum mounting bracket and hardware; Protective polycarbonate front cover for years of trouble-free service; Protective steel flex-conduit and alligator-style battery clips. Uses the power of the sun to continuously trickle charge your 6V battery. Ideal for the above Feeding Systems. 6 x 3/4 x 3 1/2"h. 3 lbs. Wildgame Innovations 6VSolar Panel


Wildgame Innovations 6V and 12V Battery Charger

  • Wildgame Innovations 6V and 12V battery charger
  • Comes with charge status light indicator
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Moultrie 6V Battery Charger

  • Float charge all Moultrie batteries
  • Will never overcharge batteries
  • LED light indicates when battery is fully charged
  • Works on 6V 5-amp batteries

Everlast Varmint Cage

  • Our Varmint Cage helps keep varmints from frequenting the feeder area and protects your feeder components from damage. Its solid steel frame, easy attach hardware (included), and the hinge door makes this cage a very worthy investment in protecting your feeder unit. Model # VC Features:  Keeps varmints from frequenting the feeder area Protects feeder components from damage Solid steel frame Hinged door Hardware included .

Wildgame Innovations 12V Power Control Unit

  • Regularly spread feed to attract game with the Wildgame Innovations Trophy Hunter 12V Digital Power Control Unit. The control unit has 6 available daily feed times that can be programmed to last from 1 to 30 seconds per feeding. The kit utilizes in-line fuse protection to protect against power supply overloads and has a circuit board fully enclosed in a weather-resistant housing for protection from moisture.


Wildgame Innovations 6V Power Control Unit

  • The TH6VD digital power control unit features digital electronics, 4 available feed times, feed time durations from 1 to 20 seconds and a 360 degree 30-foot dispersal range. The black powder-coated, galvanized steel unit comes with adjustable mounting brackets (screws included), an extremely durable galvanized steel spinner plate, 2" drop funnel, high-torque 6V motor, and a unique sliding door design providing easy access to the timer. 4 year warranty. 6V battery not included.


 On Time Classic Lifetime Feeder

  • The Classic Lifetime wildlife feeder offers a lifetime of use with a lifetime guarantee. This wild game feeder combines a reliable quartz clock and high torque motor with extremely durable aircraft grade aluminum housing designed to resist years of punishment in outdoor environments. This feeder is capable of dispersing feed up to 12 times a day from 3 to 16 seconds at a time. The feeder uses AA batteries (not included) yield powerful 15 volt feedings, great cold weather capability, and up to 1 year of battery life.


 On Time Elite Lifetime Feeder

  • The On Time® EliteTM Lifetime Feeder has a waterproof design with an aircraft grade all aluminum housing construction and a high torque 3-speed motor. A programmable LCD is housed in the base of the feeder with programmable customized feedings 1 to 6 times per day with durations of 1 to 30 seconds. The tripod feeder has a conical barrel that will hold up to 200 lbs. of feed. This On Time® EliteTM Feeder requires 10 "AA" batteries (not included) which yields a powerful 15 volt feeding with great cold weather capability for up to a season of battery life. Optional C-Cell Pack (#510264) offers 1 year plus battery life. The feeder has a universal mounting that will fit most hoppers and backed by On Time® Feeders Lifetime Warranty*.


 On Time Solar Elite Lifetime Feeder

  • The Solar Elite Lifetime feeder offers all of the same great lifetime features available in the Elite feeder with the added benefit of a wrap around high impact solar panel that charges an included gel cell battery. This feeder gives you a lifetime of hunting without the lifetime of battery changes.


 Moultrie Big Game Scale

  • The Moultrie Big Game Scale is capable of holding 440 lbs. It is large with an easy-to read dial. This scale has an all-steel frame with two steel s-hooks.


 Moultrie Digital Game Scale

  • No more guessing how much your game weighs. Moultrie's new digital scale product makes it easy to accurately weigh game. The 330-lb capacity digital game scale accurately weighs game.

  • 330-lb capacity digital game scale

  • Easy-to-read digital screen

  • Weighs in pounds or kilograms

  • Ability to calculate tare weight

  • Batteries included


MOJO Outdoors MOJO Voodoo Dove

  • Updated with a larger body and more correct landing position, this field-proven winner also eliminates tough thumbscrews with time-saving, hassle-free magnetically connected wings. Super-realistic design with trademark Mojo spinning-wing action that's proven to bring in birds. Runs for up to 16 hours on four AA batteries (not included). Includes steel support pole. Per each.


 MOJO Outdoors Clip on Dove

  • Realistic, hard body molded plastic decoys that, unlike others on the market, are fitted with MOJO's patented breast peg mounting system that also comes with a clothes pin adaptor allowing the mounting on just about any support, including limbs, wires, branches or support poles. Adds true realism, works well with the popular MOJO motorized decoy. Includes 4 per package.


 Ameristep Directors Chair Model 823

  • When you're out on a hunt, make sure you're resting in comfort with the Ameristep(r) Director's chair. It features padded arm rests, seat, and back, along with a large zippered pouch for storing your gear.


 Ameristep High Back Chair Model 822

  • Folding high back style chair with accessory pouch built into seat Realtree Hardwoods Green.