Potts Feed Store Pig Feed 

Honor Show Chow 16%

  • Formulated for maximum growth and optimum muscle development.
  • Contains 6.5% crude fat, while being balanced for digestible amino acids
  • Medicated options: Lincomycin or Tylan
  • High quality ingredients (animal protein productis select fishmeal
  • Completely balanced from top to bottom (amino acids,energy, minerals, vitamins, and etc.)

Honor Show Chow 19%

  • Formulated for optimum growth and soft maximum muscle deposition
  • High energy formula for today's show pigs
  • Contains 19.5% protein
  • Medicated-TylanTM
  • High quality animal protein ingredients

Cowtown Feeds Swine Feed

Garunteed Analysis

  • Crude Protien (min).... 15.0%
  • Lysine (min)....0.6%
  • Crude Fat (min)....3.0%
  • Crude Fiber (max)....6.5%
  • Calcium (min)....0.5%
  • Calcium (max)....1.5%
  • Phosphorus (min)....0.4%
  • Salt (min)....0.15%
  • Salt (max)....1.15%
  • Selenium (min) .30ppm
  • Zinc (min).... 92.0ppm