Potts Feed Store Fish Feed 


Purina Game Fish Chow

  • Complete and balanced nutrition for full range of pond
    fish.  Excellent for catfish, bluegill, minnows and
  • Multiple Size Particle - feeds all sizes of fish 

  • Floating ration - great for viewing
  • Higher digestibility of nutrients
  • 32% high protein with attractant
  • Added Vitamin C to reduce deficiency-related
  • Enhances production of forage fish to enhance size
    and number of bass

Sure Catch Floating

Fish Food

 Floating Fish Food

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protien (min).....32.0%
  • Crude Fat (min) .........4.0%
  • Crude Fiber (min)........7.0%
  • Phosphorus (min).........1.0%

Potts Feed Store Wild Bird Feed


Wild Bird Chow Bird Lovers Blend

  • Wild Bird Chow Bird Lovers blend contains all birds favorite blends.  This is a great general bird feed that attracts all types of birds.  With a great mixture of seed and grain, Bird Lovers Blend appeals to all types of birds and will give you a variety of species to enjoy.

 Wild Bird Chow Regional Recipe

  • Wild Bird Chow Regional recipe appeals to many species of birds including: Dove, Quail, Sparrows, and many more.  This mix was formerly known as Basic Mix or Bird Chow.


Game Bird Chow Growth and Plumage

  • A 30%-protein ration designed to promote maximum early development for game birds from 1 to 6 weeks.
  • Rapid growth through strong bone and muscle development.
  • Suitable for all species of game birds.
  • Complete Feed - easy to use crumble feed form.

Nutri Blend Green Pigeon Feed

  • The NutriBlend Feeding System represents a revolutionary breakthrough in pigeon nutrition. The NutriBlend System involves two products: Purina NutriBlend Green and Gold. NutriBlend Green is a high protein (and lower energy) diet. NutriBlend Gold is a high energy (and lower protein) diet. By blending the two products, you regulate the protein and energy levels of your birds' diet, while maintaining optimum levels of all other nutrients.

 Nutri Blend Gold Pigeon Feed

  • The Purina Nutribit is a durable, palatable particle that represents a revolutionary new product form. Shaped like natural grains, each Nutribit is fortified with all the vitamins and minerals your birds require. And since Nutribit particles are harder than pellets, you'll notice less fine material at the
    bottom of the bag.

    How and When to Feed:Feed to pigeons as much as will be consumed in 20-30 minutes twice daily. Designed to be blended as needed with Nutriblend Gold to achieve suggested feeding programs depending upon the type of bird, age of bird, season and situation. Supply fresh, clean water at all times.


Oil Sunflower Seed

  • Black oil sunflower seeds come from a variety of sunflower cultivated to produce  sunflower oil, livestock feed and seed for feeding birds. Songbirds prefer black  oil sunflower seeds because the shells are thin and thus easy to crack, and the  kernels deliver a powerful nutritional punch in a small package.